Exam stress….!

As subjects at GCSE and A level move away from coursework making up a percentage of the final grade, 100% exam pressure sees a rise in young people “stressing out” about their upcoming exams.

It saddens me, alongside my private practice, I also work as an online Counsellor for Children and Young People nationally and hear them feeling anxious and stressed out on a daily basis. These were words that I’d never even heard of when I was their age. The pressures on our young people are immense in this day and age and I feel for them, I really do.

So ok, I’m a professional, I “shouldn’t” get overly emotional about these things – but I do, passionate too. I worked as a Secondary School teacher for the best part of 20 years and I couldn’t have done the job without those emotions. Yes, as teachers, we’re trained to be professional and “get those kids the results they deserve’” but we really care about the children and they are working so hard at school right now. After school catch-up classes, lunchtime revision sessions, practice papers, the preparation for those exams goes on and on. I am invested in how the young people feel, cope and get through their exams, alongside, let’s not forget, all the other stuff that’s going on in their lives at the same time!

But in amongst all that there’s a young person with feelings and emotions which are pretty hard to deal with. That’s why I changed direction from getting those results, to really working with young people to support them through this tricky time in their lives – yes to ultimately help them get the results they deserve. But I believe, if they can feel better, less anxious, finding ways to avoid those panic attacks, success in their exams will follow.

They may have questions like:

* What will I do next year?

* Why can’t I make a decision about my future like all my friends seem to be able to?

* Can I just go and get a job?

* I feel so pressured into going onto college, but I just don’t want to!

* How am I going to get through my exams – help!

Talking through these things with me, someone who’s not too close to them, but understands, can really help. Time out, just for them to think, reflect and work through “stuff” to help them make sense of it all, can be so powerful and meaningful.

So talk to me, give me a call and let’s chat about how I can help you and your child to get through difficult times in their lives.

During May and June, I will be running exam relaxation small group sessions at Melton Wellness House – as spaces will be limited, you can contact me now on 07583 337207 to reserve a place Thursdays at 4.15pm and 5.30pm 🙂