Corporate Services

All about You – Therapy also offers a range of Corporate Services to help achieve a better work / life balance across all levels of your business.

Wellness Days for Staff

A full day programme incorporating Wellbeing information, Resources, up to 5 Relaxation Sessions of half an hour each reaching up to 200 employees per day.

One to One Support for Business Owners and Directors

A bespoke service to provide business leaders a ‘sounding board’ to explore professional and personal issues which may be getting in the way of the successful running of your business.

Relaxation Sessions for staff

Individual Relaxation sessions from half an hour to two hours to improve Staff Wellbeing.  With staff being the biggest cost to any business, it’s increasingly more important to invest in staff to ensure they are well cared for to enable them to achieve their best for your business. 

Bespoke Relaxation sessions tailored to suit your employees can be delivered to small or large groups to relax, reenergise and motivate your employees.

If you feel that any of these services could help you or your business, please get in touch for a Free consultation on how best we can support.